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Julie's passion for being in service to others is driven by her knowledge of the profound health benefits of releasing stress. This knowledge is essential to her work in providing both Thai Foot Massage/Reflexology and teaching the Blissborn Birth Hypnosis class series.

An experienced Clinical Hypnotherapist, Julie taught HypnoBirthing for several years before discovering Blissborn Birth Hypnosis and becoming a certified instructor. She considers Blissborn to be the most comprehensive and powerful birthing class available for supporting both mothers and their partners to have the calmest and most natural birth experience possible. Both parents receive helpful tools and essential information in this thorough, science-based class. The materials are well-designed and easy to use. Only highly trained clinical hypnotherapists may teach this course. Blissborn classes are held every six weeks beginning in August.

Julie received her certification in Thai Foot Massage/Reflexology in 2013. While this form of massage reduces stress and is very relaxing, it also provides benefits that are strongly rejuvenating including improving circulation and strengthening the body's immune system. The technique combines massaging the feet and calves and utilizes meridian point work for an all-over body experience.

Thai Foot Massage sessions are 60 minutes beginning with a warm foot bath. The session ends with the application of organic essential oils.

To make an appointment, please call or text 505-670-1106.

Julie Bastine,CCHt, BHE

Thai Foot Massage Practitioner

Blissborn Birth Hypnosis Educator

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Benefits of Julie’s services:


Thai Foot Massage/Reflexology: Deep relaxation, stimulates the lymphatic system, reduces stress, strengthens the body’s immune system, promotes balance within the body

Blissborn- Birth Hypnosis: Top 10 ways Blissborn helps you create a better birth:


  • Promotes deep relaxation

  • Minimizes or eliminates pain in labor

  • Shortens labor by three to six hours

  • Decreases fear and anxiety

  • Decreases use of medications potentially harmful to baby

  • Decreases complications and interventions

  • Increases parents’ sense of control and satisfaction

  • Increases partner’s role and feeling of connection to mom and birth

  • Reduces “baby blues” and post-partum depression

  • Promotes calmer babies after birth, probably due to the time moms spent relaxing during pregnancy.

Julie’s class offering:


Blissborn Birth Hypnosis

Next 5 week class – Five 2-hour classes

$275 includes 6 cds and manual.

Call for details – 505-670-1106

or email Julie at


  • Discovering Self-Hypnosis

  • Practical Skills for Mom and Partner

  • Birth Without Fear

  • Tame Labor Pain with Your Brain

  • Putting it all together


Thai Foot Massage/Reflexology session