Emily Everhart

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Emily is a recent graduate of Southwestern College. Her approach to therapy is existential in nature and informed greatly by grief, trauma and attachment theory.


She specializes in grief support and is trained in grief group facilitation using the Gerard’s House model - Santa Fe’s children’s grief center. Working intensively with children in grief (and play!) has helped Emily to experience how precious life is and to hold client’s healing potential for them when they lose sight of it. Grief is a form of gratitude for being alive. Because of this approach to grief work and the therapeutic relationship in general, she exhibits genuine warmth and tenderness for her clients struggles and triumphs. She recognizes that we all share the painful and joyful pieces of being human.


Having worked with individuals and large groups in a comprehensive residential recovery model, Emily is also passionate about working with codependency, addiction and drug and alcohol recovery management. She believes that true recovery requires a spiritual solution and enjoys helping clients cultivate emotional sobriety. Solving big problems is about helping clients to overcome the obstacles to a more pleasurable, empowered and liberated experience of their daily life. She strives to bring equanimity and acceptance to all her therapeutic relationships - helping clients to identify positive choices while also accepting the present moment. Another special passion of Emily’s is helping parents and children to mend relationships that have been negatively affected by drug and alcohol abuse.


She believes deeply that the healing potential in the therapeutic relationship is most powerful when the clinician shows up in an authentic way - bringing who they are to session. Being witnessed in vulnerability is a transformative and cathartic experience for most people. Emily has an intuitive ability to be truly present with powerful emotional states - with children and adults. She helps clients to integrate painful life experiences by offering them the attuned time and space to rediscover their authentic selves. Emily helps clients learn to offer themselves radical love and acceptance.

“Emily brings patience, ease, and a detached compassion that are a perfect combination for so many of our grieving program participants. It is rare for someone to be able to create such a supportive environment for healing for all ages - young children, teens and adults.” - Katrina Koehler, Executive Director of Gerard’s House

I worked with Emily Everhart at Gerard’s House Summer Camp which supports grieving children. I immediately noticed how gifted Emily is in working with children. She has a remarkable way of combining her knowledge and skills with her compassion and intuition to give the kids exactly what they need. Her presence creates a safe place for people to be comfortable with being vulnerable – a necessary component in any healing relationship. I am so happy to have her at Santa Fe Wellness Center and give her my highest recommendation.

Dr. Christina Boiano, Chiropractor, Director of Santa Fe Wellness Center

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