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Diana Monroe, M.A., LMFT

Diana takes a soulful approach to therapy, as well as applying her training in more traditional and clinical methods. She believes in wholeness and building a connection with a higher power, which she calls the Divine. This, together with her education in Holistic Transpersonal Counselling and Gestalt philosophy, allows her to offer a deeply integrated counselling experience - one that acknowledges and honors all parts of self, and considers how each informs our day to day interpersonal relationships, spirituality and behavior. Every individual has their own way of expressing this, and Diana tailors her sessions to best reflect each person’s needs.

Diana’s own journey of metaphysical and shamanic discovery has allowed her opportunities to live and travel abroad, studying many alternative treatments to provide the most comprehensive support to her clients.

Our healing relationships with Nature and the other living beings on our planet are also incorporated into Diana’s therapy and coaching sessions, which can include partnering with horses and the angelic realm, among other approaches.

Learn more about Diana’s approach and her use of the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method® at

*Conducted offsite


“Butterfly Counselling, LLC”
Counselling for Individuals, Couples, Families and Groups
Equine-Guided Gestalt Coaching, Workshops and Retreats*



  • Increase your clarity and understanding of personal values and priorities.

  • Improve your mental and emotional balance.

  • Decrease your anxiety and depression.

  • Build self-confidence and compassion for your human condition.

  • Deepen your internal peace and serenity.

  • Develop a better awareness of, and connection with, your body’s innate wisdom.

  • Create or deepen your spiritual connection to the Divine.    



  • Most major insurances, including Medicaid, accepted for therapy sessions.

  • Holistic counseling for individuals, couples, families and groups.

  • Populations served: children, ages 5 and up; young adults; adults and our geriatric population.

  • Specialties include: women’s issues, times of transition and spiritual connection.

  • Custom treatment plans developed to best reflect each client’s personal goals.

  • For self-pay clients, options include hour-long therapy sessions and/or 30 minute coaching sessions. Additional, stand-alone coaching packages can be developed.


"Diana's calm, quiet demeanor helps you to feel safe and supported as she works with you to get In touch with yourself and your inner answers."
Julie, Erie, CO


"Diana made me feel like I was truly heard.  She creates a safe space for anything to come out.  She is able to get to the root of the problem and help you reach completion."
Lindsey, Chivington, CO


"Before my coaching session with Diana and her equine partner, I was feeling bogged down, frustrated and discouraged. One powerful session later, I am invigorated, clear, and motivated, and have been able to take some immediate action as a result. It was just the 'jump start' I needed.
Lorrin, Santa Fe, NM

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