Dr. Christina Boiano

Dr. Christina Boiano specializes in guiding people from just surviving to brilliantly thriving. Her passion is assisting people to live healthy and lead purposeful lives, not just in eliminating their pain. She gets totally lit up when her clients grow in their ability to love and accept themselves, make healthy choices in all areas of their lives, and express their unique inner rhythm. Dr. Christina is known for her gentle techniques and leading-edge chiropractic that create health and wellness from the inside out.

“I have had the experience of seeing a traditional chiropractor in the past and my session with Dr. Christina was a revelation. Her gentle technique and presence created the opportunity for me to experience physical effects, as well as emotional release. The whole experience was one of safe, gentle, intentional healing and I felt like a co-creator in the process. She really facilitates healing in a beautiful way.” - SK., Santa Fe, NM

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Founder-Director of SFWC

Doctor of Chiropractic

Health and Wellness Coach

Advanced Aromatic Alchemist

Group Facilitation and Public Speaking

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Tuesday - Thursday 10am to 1pm, 3pm to 6pm

Friday 10am to 1pm, 3pm to 5pm




  • Movement from stress to health and wellness physiology

  • Decreased physical and emotional pain

  • Deep sense of relaxation

  • Enhanced connection with your body and its wisdom

  • Increased access to innate healing ability

  • Recovery from all types of trauma

  • Becoming unstuck from unhealthful patterns

  • Reacting to stress and tension in a healthier effective manner

  • Increased ability to know and express yourself

  • Greater self-acceptance, clarity and ability to make changes



  • Gentle, effective chiropractic care

  • Health and wellness coaching

  • Custom aromatic alchemy essential oil blends

  • Holistic Nutrition and Hemp Oil

  • Clinical expertice combined with intuitive infomation

  • Energy and vibrational healing

  • Drum, rhythm, and sound healing

  • Individualized wellness plans

  • In-person and telephone sessions

Beginning in Youth


Dr. Christina has been interested in health and in spirituality since her childhood. Early experiences led her into a philosophy of healing that continue to inform her life and work today.

At 10 years old Dr. Christina’s parents, who were early in the New Age movement, put Dr. Christina and her brothers in a spiritual exploration class. There, she had experiences that could not be explained with logic or science. This enlivened her natural curiosity about how our bodies, our lives, our souls, and the world really work.


At 13, she was introduced to chiropractic care that focused on health and wellness, rather than pain relief. After that initial introduction, the chiropractor became the doctor of choice for all health concerns for her family.

These two paths - chiropractic and spirituality - merged in Dr. Christina, leading her to work with people on all levels and to help them live their wholeness.

​“Dr. Christina has been my doctor for a long time.  Her gifts for body science, wholeness integration, and intuition are amazing.  She has served me greatly in my physical and emotional healing, making it possible to continue to take my evolution to the next level”   HK, Santa Fe, NM


Dr. of Chiropractic and Beyond

When it was time to choose a career, it was obvious to Dr. Christina that becoming a chiropractor was the perfect choice. She thrived in chiropractic college and graduated from National College of Chiropractic in 1989 with four major awards, including Clinical Excellence, Outstanding Graduate, and Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities.


Very early in her career she attracted patients with many long-standing and severe challenges including health challenges, emotional challenges, and challenges from having a traumatic childhood.

In order to offer Full-Health-Full-Purpose services to guide people through these challenges, Dr. Christina has

  • studied a vast array of chiropractic, healing, trauma healing, and energetic modalities.

  • developed her intuitive abilities.

  • attained certification in advanced aromatic alchemy and custom essential oil blending and in Network Spinal Analysis.

  • studied holistic, food based nutrition and hemp oil.

  • become a wellness coach and strategic attraction facilitator.

  • studied rhythm, drumming, and sound as a health modality.

  • become a workshop leader and public speaker.

She draws from these skills to puts together a unique plan for each of her clients.


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