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With great power comes great responsibility.  Being bullied as a scrawny teenager, retaliation was tempting Bear, who was starting to get corrupt with the accumulation of power, from abusing psychic power to martial arts power.  He was attracting physical fights and psychic warfare to the point that his mentor, Sister Jackie, told him he needed to learn how to become a healer with love, if he was to balance being a human being.  Hence, the journey of rediscovering the healer began. With Bear’s transformation into a healer, he now teaches others how to understand black magic, grow themselves into more happy and empowered people, even into healers themselves.


Standing Bear Thunder Heart, better known as Bear is a shaman, channeler, spiritual advisor, healer, energy healer, psychic, teacher, speaker, author of healing & psychic protections manuals, and loves martial arts.


Co-Founder of: REHAB Shamanic System Attunements

He is practitioner of:

Shambala Multi-dimensional Healing Level 1,

Holy Fire Reiki in 1st and 2nd degrees.

Sacred Ways of the Lakota Elders with the late Wallace Black Elk.


He is a certified master-teacher of:

Usui Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki, Seichiem-Sekhem Reiki, Galactic Reiki, Dolphin Reiki,
Kundalini Reiki, Gold Reiki, Huna Reiki, Golden Triangle Reiki.


Associates degree in Psychology & English

Testimonial for For Bear:


“The attunement was excellent. It helped me to see clearer visually.  My patients are getting better treatments as well, also my life is changing. Many of my own patients can even see my animal totems doing healing work on them when I put the acupuncture needles in my clients. My last client saw the eagle hover over her. They tell me they experience a faster and more powerful healing session especially after my initiation to Shamanic Reiki (REHAB Shamanic  System). Clearing up the debris, thank you, (Bear)!”

Lisajeanne Potyk Thunder Eagle Woman, Acupuncturist-Energy Healer

Benefits of working with Bear and Rainbow


  • Optimal wellness & vitality

  • Feel more whole

  • Clarity

  • Emotional freedom

  • Personal growth & empowerment

  • Personal power

  • Connection



  • Reiki Healing Sessions

  • Shamanic Healing Empowerment Sessions

  • Medicine Card Readings

  • Psychic Protection 4 week Intensive

  • Usui Reiki Certification level 1-4 with Dolphin Reiki

  • REHAB Shamanic System Attunements

  • Reiki Circles

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Being the past psychic food for humans & supernatural forces, Rainbow was dying.  In her teens, her medical record file was a little more than an inch thick from seeing the doctors for too many things, too many times in her childhood.  Tired of being poked, prodded, labeled, worsened, and zombified with pharmaceutical drugs, she left the Western Medical paradigm to heal herself. From her experience with Filipino faith healers, to Asian, African, Native American, Mexican healers/ therapists, & beyond, she developed her self-understanding & innate psychic abilities for healing herself over the past decades.  Now she empowers people with psychic protection training so that they can feel love, confidence & joy.


Rainbow Heart Freedom Eagle, better known as Rainbow is a

shaman, channeler, spiritual advisor, healer, energy healer, psychic, teacher, speaker, author of psychic protections manuals & goddess makeovers, and loves making vegetarian cuisines.


Co-Founder of: REHAB Shamanic System Attunements

Certified master-teacher of Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki.

Certified instructor of qigong.

Practitioner & student of: Yuen Method, Life Path Attunement Level 1, yoga, qigong.

Bachelors of Arts Degree in Health Science,

Member National Association Professional Organizers

Certified Community Health Education Specialist


Testimonial for Rainbow:


“I enjoyed the feeling of relief and how much stress was removed. I felt very calm and almost fell asleep. I was groggy and unclear before we started. I felt more clear, alert, and relaxed afterward.I enjoyed the experience. I’m keeping the handouts, (Affirmations and Traits of Victim-Consciousness). It is a very wonderful experience. I’m looking forward to a next session! I’m not in a hurry anymore to contact past relations that are imbalanced in sharing their part in not making the effort of our relationship.”  

Henry Chavez, Librarian

Phone: (505) 310-2864